Some Cool Diets For Summer

Summer is that time of the year when you get sweaty and hot. Summer punishes your body, and makes you lethargic and uncomfortable. Summer is when we do not wish to eat much during the sunny days as we gulp in litres of water. However, our body does require its nutrients to keep going so do not neglect your diet. Instead of ignoring the food and living only on liquids, you can try some other diets that make you feel cool and provide the essential nutrients as well.

To stay fit and fine, make sure you eat light food throughout summer. The food should be easily digestible yet provide you all the required proteins, vitamins, and minerals. With the burning heat, your body needs something cool to keep up with the summers. Here is what you can try out this summer to enjoy your food in the sunny days.

Heavy meals during the summer months can make you feel lazy all day long, so why not exchange them with something light. Try drinking any soup of your choice; however drink it chill to cool your body down. Vegetable sandwiches and a glass of chilled juice or fruit ensure you stay healthy, light, and active. Cut down on butter, mayonnaise, and creamy cheeses in your sandwiches, as they only add unwanted fat.

Eat plenty of green vegetables or fruit salads. Cucumber and watermelon are the coolest to eat during summer, and contain nutrients and water. You can either make a soup of cucumber or eat it individually. Alternatively, make a lovely large glass of refreshing watermelon juice. Also using more of cucumber in salads makes a difference. Curd is very good during summers so you can combine it with rice, or you can simply mix a fruit in, and eat it with relish. Eating a bowlful of curd for lunch can be a good idea. You can also make some yummy fruit salads with fat-free ice cream or jelly.

Enjoy fruits like mango, tangerines, oranges, and pineapple. Eat them after meals to keep your body cool and provide you with all the essential vitamins and minerals. During summers it is important to keep your body hydrated so ensure to take in plenty of liquids as well. Drink water to keep your body hydrated. You can add water lemon juice and sugar to your water bottle so you can sip it when your energy levels drop. Moreover, never venture to go out without a large bottle of refreshing water.

It is good to completely ignore fried, oily and spicy food during summers. This foodstuff causes discomfort to your body. Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables along with some sprouts to maintain a healthy diet throughout the summer. Mix and try various recipes with fruits and vegetables and keep the diet cool. Eat healthy and stay fit.