Your Summer Holiday Diet Tips

While summer holidays present a wonderful opportunity to soak in the sun and enjoy outdoor activities, it also brings various temptations that pile on calories. This could pose a problem, if you are trying to maintain or reduce weight. Here are some vital diet tips to help you maintain your vital statistics.

If you have planned a summer vacation, then you need to plan your calorie intake from the moment you step out of your house. If you have planned to take your car, then you could pack in some light salads or sandwiches made with whole meal bread along with some iced tea or even green tea. This will ensure that you do not pig out on burgers and fries along the journey. Give your children sandwiches and low-calorie cereal bars that provide energy at lower calories. If you are travelling by air, then the temptations are even greater, since in-flight food, alcoholic drinks, and even fruit juices are high in high calories. Skip on the butter and cheese provided in your food tray. Avoid alcohol, since it ends up increasing your period of jet lag. Stick to a small can of beer or wine. Drink plenty of water, and a small glass of canned juice, instead of fizzy drinks with no nutritional value.

The situation gets even worse, when you reach your holiday resort, with scrumptious breakfasts, unlimited buffet lunches, dinners, and a mouth-watering variety of desserts after every meal. You might also tend to relax your diet, since you are on a holiday. While you may enjoy the delicacies spread out before you, try to pick out a lot of salads, grilled vegetables and rice or whole meal bread into your lunch and dinner schedules, and limit the amount of red meat or desserts on offer. Avoid salads dripping with mayonnaise.

If you stay near the sea, then the resort would also have a wide variety of fish, crabs, and lobsters on their menu, try them out, especially when not deep-fried or wrapped in batter. Include fruits, cereal, and whole meal bread for breakfasts, instead of omelettes, bacon or ham. Even while eating barbecues, eat chicken instead of sausages or beef. For desserts, stick to fresh fruits with a little ice cream or sorbets instead of gorging down on hip-exploding cheesecake.

Even if you do tuck into the delicacies, your holiday resort offers many ways to burn off the fat. Go swimming, hit the gym, or at least engage in regular long walks. If your resort is on the beach, then you can go snorkelling, kayaking or even hire a pedal boat. Even while on alcoholic drinks, stick to small quantities of beer or wine, instead of calorie rich cocktails. In addition to adding on calories, alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body and cause a hangover that could ruin your holiday.

Even as you enjoy your summer holidays, you can still ensure that you enjoy your various meals, while maintaining a low calorie count. Even if you gulp down the odd high-calorie delicacy, you can still burn it off in a fun way by physical activity.