The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Many weight loss systems these days run their advertisement campaigns around the promise of very fast and noticeable results, and what’s worse, many of these systems’ creators don’t seem to have a clue as to how much they are going to end up hurting most of their clients. While the concept of rapid weight loss is certainly something that can be achieved, there is a flips side to the coin in this case, and it’s one really worth discussing.

It’s Hard to Maintain the Pace

If some kind of weight loss system promises results which exceed a loss of one to two (sometimes three) pounds per week, then chances are that it requires you to make some extraordinary efforts to achieve them. You will be going through grueling exercise routines while probably eating very little… long story short, your chances of going through with it to the end won’t exactly be something to write home about.

However, for the sake of the argument, let’s pretend that you can go through with it, and that you have actually lost the weight you were looking to shed… what happens now? Surely, you cannot keep following the system lest you want to destroy your body completely. Unfortunately, at that point said system and the way of living you maintained before giving it a shot are the only paths you know of. In the end, once you will have attained your goal, you will go back to your hold habits and gain the weight back all over again.

Are You Actually Losing Fat?

Even though we use weight as an indicator of how healthy we are, the truth is that it is not so much the weight that matters, but the ratio of fat versus the rest of what you have in your body. In other words, your goal should be to only reduce your fat levels, and nothing else. If a system gives you the promise of rapid weight loss, then it is very possible that on top of losing fat you are also going to be losing muscle, water and lean tissue, creating the illusion of progress.

How Fast Weight Loss Can be Made Safe and Healthy

While it is true that what was written up until now made rapid weight loss sound like some kind of horror story, the truth is that it can be achieved in a safe and healthy way, but only if handled properly. For instance, there are some dieting programs out there which make their users go through different phases, with the first one consisting of jump-starting the program, allowing their users to lose up to ten pounds in the first two weeks. However, after that the pace gradually slows down to achieve a natural rhythm.

In addition, it has to be mentioned that in some cases, rapid weight loss is the only remaining solution; people who suffer from obesity or weight-related health issues don’t have all the time they would want to fix their situation… in some cases, this unhealthy procedure can be used in order to save lives.