Eating Healthy
I'm a writer, as well as an avid reader of nearly everything. I am committed to being healthy and recommit myself each morning to live a life of goodness and balance (body, mind and spirit), one which I hope allows me to inspire others to do the same as I pursue my degree in Foods/Nutrition. I have battled binge eating and emotional eating disorder my entire life, and still do today. But, I've learned to make peace with food. It's not the enemy, and in a strange way has instead become my salvation. I've been maintaining a 200lb weight loss for 2.5 years now and that has influenced everything I am. I am a passionate liver of life, and that passion has taken me all over the place and ignited in me a fire to pursue myriad interests. Yet still, my favorite things are simple. Books, Sunday mornings, cooking dinner for my husband, Saturday morning workouts, cherished friends, my family.

I am currently studying to become a registered dietician. Most of all, I would love feedback and hope to make friends along the way.

Enjoy my Blog