Healthy Eating for Business Travelers

Simple Tips to Help You Eat Healthy when You're Traveling for Business. Many business travelers forget to eat healthy when traveling. I used to travel 25 weeks a year and ate healthy meals every day. Whether you use room service, or dine in the fanciest of restaurants, or are pressed for time, you, too can eat a healthy meal. Whether you're traveling by plane or car, eating healthy is important, and easy with these tips.

Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business - Start with a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you're traveling for business it's even more important than ever! Make this your biggest meal of the day - it will keep you going strong.

Two poached eggs, whole wheat toast (dry, hold the butter), a serving of fresh fruit or orange juice and oatmeal. Stay away from instant oatmeal-you may as well eat a bowl of sugar. That's a healthy meal whether you're on a business trip or eating at home.

Omelets are another great choice for a healthy breakfast when traveling on a business trip. Choose one made with egg substitutes, and go for fresh vegetables. Onions, green pepper and lean meat are common ingredients in omelets. Does it come with toast? Ask for whole wheat and hold the butter. Does it come with potatoes? Skip the ketchup and ask for salsa as your condiment and eat half. No one cares if you clean your plate - so don't.

If you're pinched for time, look for healthy fast food. Make a quick stop at your local convenience store and grab two hard boiled eggs, a small carton of 100% orange juice, and an English muffin.

Healthy breakfasts don't' include sweets like muffins, donuts, or pastries. These taste great but they'll have you groveling for more food just a few hours later.

Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business - Have a Healthy Lunch

It's easier now to find a healthy lunch when you're on a business trip than ever!

Want it quick? Choose healthy fast food. Order a sub sandwich with lean meat, lettuce, tomato and only mustard. Ask for whole grain bread. Only eat half of the bread that it's served on and throw away the other half. Find a piece of fruit to go along with your fast food meal.

If you're dining at a restaurant, look for foods that are broiled or baked, and are not loaded with sauces or dressings.

Be careful when choosing salads. The dressing can kill any attempt to have a healthy meal. If you prefer salads, go for a grilled chicken salad and get the dressing on the side. That way you control how many fats you're eating, instead of the restaurant.

Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business - Have a Healthy Dinner

Dinner was always my favorite meal when I was traveling for business. Every restaurant will have a plain steak, a baked potato (served plain) and a side salad without dressing. Try a side of cottage cheese as a topping for your potato.

Another option is having grilled chicken, no skin please, with rice or pasta served with the sauce on the side, and an extra serving of vegetables. By serving the sauce on the side, you control how much you eat. Dip your meat or pasta into the sauce just enough to get a hint of its flavor.

When time for dessert comes, splurge! Order what you'd like, but only eat a bite or two. No one said that you had to eat the whole thing!

Eat Healthy While Traveling for Business - Small Changes Count

Yes, you can eat healthy while traveling for business. Make breakfast the biggest meal of the day. Substitute salsa for ketchup, order your baked potato plain and have it with cottage cheese, ask for sauces or dressings on the side and dip your food into the sauce instead of pouring the sauce over your food. Even better, you can make these small changes and eat heealthy meals whether you're traveling for business or eating at home!