Raw Food Diets for Summer

With an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables available during the summer, you have in your hands the capacity to look healthier and abound in energy. A raw food diet is a great way to stay cool, and many persons, after changing over to a raw food diet, attest to the fact that they can actually tolerate the hot sun better, than when they followed a cooked food pattern. In addition, they back it up with the fact that their electricity bills are smaller now, as they did not need to turn on the air-conditioning. That is the benefit of a raw food diet.

A total raw food based diet is nature’s great and inexpensive cooling system, where you can bear up with high temperatures. So, stock up on raw fruits this summer. Especially all kinds of lemon (citrus) fruits and bananas which are known cooling foods. Eat plenty of these and the sun will lose its effect on you. Moreover, outdoor sports will be no longer beyond your capacity as you will feel cool as the cucumbers you eat.

So, go the uncooked way even to lose those extra kilos. In addition, extra weight lost will make you more energetic. Cut out those sweets, biscuits, cakes, and fast foods to regulate your blood sugar, leaving you with more zip to face the day.

Note that going onto a raw food program is not another diet system but a lifelong way of eating and results will come for all those prepared to commit themselves to follow it through. Stopping meats, eggs, fish and milk products initially cause the loss of much nutrition so start first by adopting a full vegetarian healthy and nutritious diet and slowly proceed to raw foods.

Start on uncooked vegetables, nuts, seaweed, fruits, seeds, and little of anything else. You will get your staple of proteins from these, and pulses. Do not neglect calcium, and its bone benefiting values; go for figs, sesame seeds, almonds, dark green vegetables, and soybeans. For your iron intake, get your portion from spinach, peanuts, dried figs, cashew nuts, and prunes.

The fruits and veggies you consume mean that you get your adequate supply of vitamins C and E. Moreover, since it is summer, all that natural sunlight takes care of your supply of the vital vitamin D. Nevertheless, go for the early morning rays to get the full benefit. Raw food packs in every type of nutrient your body requires, so throw away those expensive, vitamin and mineral supplements, and remain healthy throughout your life.

The long term benefits of eating raw and actually reported by people are that they have gone slimmer, their skins are clearer and allergies and tiredness are things of the past. For all those of you willing to try out the great tasting raw foods recipes, go slowly and gradually at first, there is excellent nutrition waiting for you, and glowing positive health to boot.