The Best Summer Foods For Weight Loss

Summer’s here and you’re unable to get into that bikini or if your shorts seem to have suddenly shrunk, then you probably need to reduce your weight to get back into your original shape. With summer bringing in a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, this season is the best one to embark on a weight-loss program that requires only a little willpower.

Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Juices And Soups: With summer comes a whole slew of tempting fruits and vegetables. These can be had raw in a salad, boiled or as juice. Even small children love fruits, cut, or as juice. These cool, refreshing fruits help you to control your hunger pangs, while hydrating your body, keeping you fresh and healthy. This process gradually removes toxins from your body and helps you lose weight.

When you replace your fat, fried and salty foods with such salads or juices, and light foods, you begin to feel fit. Carrots, boiled or juiced, make an exceptionally healthy food. Ensure that you consume naturally grown fruits and not those Genetically Modified [GM] foods, since they have higher levels of sugar. Watermelon is one such fruit that is available in summers and loved by everyone, young and old. Soups make excellent fillers that help in filling your stomach and thus largely suppressing your hunger pangs. Replace hot soups with chilled ones made of cucumber or any other vegetable of your choice.

Grill Away To Glory: Instead of deep-frying your vegetables, in order to make them tasty or even frying them in any batter, switch to grilling since it uses very little oil. Grilled vegetables with whole meal bread or rice make delicious in-between low-calorie meals.

Salads: Salads are very easy to prepare and provide maximum nutrition, since no vital vitamins are lost. You can easily prepare a dish of cubed fruits and vegetables, grilled chicken, boiled eggs and a dash of lemon. Go easy on other heavy dressings such as mayonnaise, since it carries calories. Salads also make excellent side dishes and you can eat them along with your heavy main dishes to cut down on calories, ensuring that your body receives all the vital nutrients.

From Sweet Heavyweights To Sweet Nothings: While summer brings in sugar and calorie loaded ice creams and sundaes, you can substitute those with homemade, low fat milk and fresh fruits ice cream, with lower amounts of sugar as natural sugar is present in fruits, such as blackberries, bananas, pineapple, etc.

While there is no substitute for heavy cheesecake, try to limit its intake by having a fruit, such as an apple before you eat it. This will reduce the total amount of calories that enters your body. Also, try to replace regular chocolate with dark chocolate, since it has a higher level of bitter cocoa, which is good for reducing high blood pressure. Regular chocolate also contains higher level of butter and other fatty products that are used to replace cocoa.

Thus, you can cut down on your intake of calories, even while eating tasty food that replaces some traditional food items with scale-busting calories. The above summer foods can keep your body cool, while ensuring that you manage to lose weight at the same time.