What Makes the Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Program Special

Kirstie Alley is a name with which most people are familiar with as she played some notable roles in a few classic movies and television shows, including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Deconstructing Harry. While for a good part of her career Kirstie was known for her drop-dead gorgeous beauty more than anything else, just like countless other actors, she started to put on weight as she got older. It got to the point where she weighed around 230 pounds, and that’s when she started the Kirstie Alley weight loss program known as Organic Liaison.

How Organic Liaison Works

For starters, it has to be noted that ever since she started her journey with Organic Liaison, Kirstie Alley managed to lose around a 100 pounds of fat, going back to being her old, smoking-hot self again. So how precisely did the program help her accomplish that? Well, Organic Liaison is unlike most other weight loss programs in the sense that it takes a very flexible approach to the problem. Their goal is not simply to get you to lose weight and become fit… their objective lies in helping you make the transition to a healthy lifestyle in which you eat healthy, exercise, and most importantly, enjoy yourself.

When you sign up for the program you are not only going to be presented with products and plans… you will also be provided with support from health experts, as well as tons of information about living healthy in general. All in all, Organic Liaison doesn’t simply set you on a path to lose weight, they actually explain to you what their methods are based on. Their path will not necessarily have you lose weight fast, but it will allow you to maintain your results with ease for years to come.

Why the Current Scandal Doesn’t Change Organic Liaison’s Effectiveness

If you take the time to simply run the name Kirstie Alley through Google, (or any search engine of your preference), you’ll come across the scandal related to Organic Liaison. What is it all about? A certain disgruntled customer by the name of Marina Abramyan claims that Kirstie’s weight loss happened as a result of being on “Dancing with the Stars” and following a low-calorie diet rather than following her own program. Apart from that, Marina claims that the program’s products are simply run-of-the-mill schlock and ineffective, saying she lost no weight from taking them.

For starters, it has to be said that regardless of what happened in this situation, the formula for losing weight has always been to exercise and burn more calories than you are consuming. It seems, judging from her comments, that Abramyan believed the products to be enough to get her to lose weight, that she wouldn’t need to go on a diet or exercise, and further, she claims that’s what Organic Liaison are advertising themselves as. However, that is false and ridiculous; Organic Liaison has always been about helping people turn their entire lives around in terms of fitness and nutrition, and the products they sell simply help to achieve that goal. All in all, it seems Marina Abramyan is just bitter to see that for Kirstie Alley weight loss was a success, or she legitimately believed that the products she bought would do the entire trick. In any case, it doesn’t impact the program’s legitimacy.